10 Essential Parts in The Closet of a Size XL

People who use a size XL must know your body and learn to take advantage of your curves, today many shops as H & M and Mango they have a specific section for them, so it is becoming easier to dress well even if you use a large size. Takes note of this list of clothes that highlight its appeal:1. A dress cinched in a color that you favor and that hug your curves, without being too tight (do not want to seem to) Mariah Carey). Choose a color that makes you look radiant. The wrap dress are ideal, since they fit in the waist.

2. a discreet top, in another color that you favour, but that is different from the color of the dress. You can combine the top with hundreds of skirts and trousers.

3. A few Special plus size jeans.

4. An elegant black skirt It is a basic feminine ideal to dress stylish. Avoid the flyers because they add volume and that is what you should avoid. Ideally, a silk skirt.

5. A black dress in a length that makes you feel comfortable. If you are proud of your cleavage, which is indented and if you have a nice, smooth, skin teaches your back.

6. A leather jacket. They are elegant and you warm in the cold without adding extra volume.

7. A top sexy show cleavage or your shoulders. To make it more versatile, choose a neutral color.

8. A couple of high heel shoes. You’ll always be sexy with them.9. A couple of boots.

10. a piece of large jewelry. A large part will cause more impact than a lot of small trinkets that will not be in you. You have to keep in proportion with the size of your body. Wide bangles, big earrings and stunning collars will be better to you than to the slender your sister’s.