10 Easy Ways To Hide Fat Arms

Grandma arms or waving dor, as they are also called, are a sore point for many of us. Here are 10 simple advice from http://www.hoticle.com/cat/plus-size-lingerie/ that helps you to camouflage them in the best possible way:

Fat Arms Tips

Avoid sleeves that just cover the shoulders

One is tempted to believe that the short sleeves are better than no sleeves, but the cuts actually your arms just where they are best of, which causes your upper arms to look wider apart than they actually are. A better alternative to grandmother’s arms are elbow long-or even long sleeves.

Go for clothes that show much of your shoulders

Must have you have sleeve loose clothes up, then go for the thing that shows much of your shoulders. Your arms will look longer and slimmer out, the more the shoulder you show.

Avoid puffed sleeves

If you have short sleeves, you must also avoid to find blouses with puffed sleeves, as it will draw attention to your grandmother’s arms.

Avoid elastic sleeves

Sleeves that end with a rubber band, is a really bad idea, as it will only highlight your grandmother’s arms. So be sure to find sleeves that give a little air to the upper arm.

Find tops with extra detail

Go for tops and blouses with sleeves in lace or transparent fabric.

Avoid tight knit sweaters

The tighter your knitted Jersey, the clearer your grandmother’s arms will be. Go for knitting sitting looser.

Hide the upper arms

Another great way to hide the upper arms on, is to focus elsewhere by having a sexy cutout, a large bow or another detail or a statement piece of jewellery.

Use bracelet

A great way to hide grandmother’s arms is by having lots of bracelets on. They draw attention down towards your wrist.

Get a spray tan

A glowing and sun kissed skin just look better than a pale skin. But don’t lie and roast in the Sun – a spray tan can easily do the trick.

Have dreams dress

If you just have found the dream dress, you must jump in it no matter if it is doing something good for your upper arms or not – if you feel radiant and comfortable in it, everything else doesn’t matter. …