10 Dressing Tips for Plus Size Women

Plus size women are like all other women. We would always like to see a few sizes smaller. Here are some tips for how to achieve this, want to use the right clothes.

1. Get length
Change solve square tops to slim-cut blouses crunch down in a pair of dark jeans. A flattering blouse and regular dark jeans will stretch your entire body.

2. Buy clothes in the right size.
Sometimes we are not satisfied with the number on the tag, so we end up buying clothes that are too small. Newsflash: each brand sizing indicates differently, so if you’re in a cheaper shop, you will surely be one size larger than if you buy designer clothes. Plus, buying a pair of jeans in a size 38, will not actually make you look like a size 38, if they do not fit. You will just end up with the dreaded muffin top. We promise to scale-up, if necessary, will make you much more slender in the end.

3. A belt is a woman’s best friend
There is a reason why it’s called cinching. To match a thin belt with an undulating top, coat or dress, will suck in your waist so that it looks more centimeters smaller.

4. Black is always in fashion
No matter what color fashion dictates, is there not something more slimming and elongating as the color black. If all black is too boring for you, you must add a bright pump, a colored handbag or a neon SCA, for something extra radiance.

5. Clothing in over size won’t make you slimmer to look at.
This tip is pretty simple: If you buy something that is shaped like a tent, you’ll look like a tent. Instead, you should buy clothing that accentuates your natural curves.

6. Jeans, but the right
Buy better one pair of jeans that fit perfectly, a to have 5 pairs that sits poorly. Use the time it takes to find just the jeans to fit your body. They should sit tight, but not too tight.

7. Try a skin-toned pair of heels
Nothing gets you to sight higher than a flesh-colored shoes. The resemblance to your skin tone will give the illusion that your legs will continue several lengths.

8. Become best friends with your tailor
A tailor is arguably your most important asset when it comes to dress yourself thinner. A good tailor can change anything you own, to perfectly fit your body, because, let’s face it, we are not all built as a Swedish Ice Princess. And if we haven’t made it clear enough already, then this is the right fit everything from shortening of sleeves, adapted to the waist, and even change the fit of a winter coat, a tailor can do wonders on your wardrobe.

9. Choose the right neckline
A delicious V-neckline can easily make you look like you have lost 3 kilos overnight. By choosing a more deep cuts, will create a nice vertical line. This is especially true for busty women, who are in danger of being strangled by too high necklines.

10. It’s what’s underneath that counts
Cannot say enough about choosing the right Foundation, but it is exactly this area that many women still fails: choosing the right bra. Are you wearing the right bra size, it can give you an instant breast lift, which creates a more slender shape.